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Here at Consolidated Roofing we only use high performance felts. There are two main reasons for this. Firstly, like any decent products for us as the fitter, the felt is a joy to work with – once the heat is applied, the felt doesn’t wilt or scorch. Secondly, the felt has a longer life span – meaning it won’t need changing for a minimum of 15 years. Thicker felts can be chosen upon request or to suit the client’s needs.

Flat Roof

There a few colour choices available but in recent years, most go for charcoal. We provide different systems, with different choices of insulation. All of the products that we use have stood “the test of time” and unlike liquid plastic or EPDM products, are installed so they can move with thermal movement.

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Here at Consolidated Roofing we also offer a comprehensive Asphalt roof system covering for flat roofs. Asphalt has been around for many years and was first discovered by Egyptians. It is probably the most durable flat roof covering and if installed correctly, and maintained, can last for many years. It outweighs using lead on large areas and because it is laid hot, it is versatile for doing areas such as steps, around railings, air conditioning stantions and even large flat roof areas. Once completed, the asphalt roof is painted white with solar reflective paint to protect it from the suns damaging rays. This is required once every 4 years to prolong the roof’s life.

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