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Slate is highly durable and a traditional roofing product, making it very suitable for roofing. Like other types of roofing, slate has been used for many years covering residential homes. There are different grades of slates and they come from many countries around the world. The most commonly used during the 1980’s was Welsh. Unfortunately, due to a shortage in the amount left in the quarries, this has now pushed the price of Welsh slates to an all-time high. However, this now means slates can be used from other parts of the world. We can offer a sample and experienced guidance as to which covering would be best for you – to suit your budget and what would be best aesthetically for your property.

slate roof

Slate is typically dark in tone and can also be supplied in man-made fibre cement products. There are different kinds of slate, with different manufacturer’s longevity guarantees. Some of the fibre cement slates have a “real” look about the face of the slate and a dressed edge -this is good for councils that want “real looking” slates for conservation issues.

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The advantages of a slate roof is that slate is very light. Therefore, the roof normally doesn’t need to be reinforced to support the slates. Slate can be slightly more expensive than many alternative roofing options, but may increase the resale value of a structure, because slate roof is viewed as a luxurious amenity. Once the roof is installed, it will need less maintenance than other roofing types.

Slate samples are available on request.

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