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Slate Roofing – All you need to know

If it’s a ‘life time’ roofing that you’re looking for, then slate roofing systems could be the option for you. Slate roofing is durable as well as providing a distinctive look and timeless feel, improving your curb appeal. So maybe investing in a new and natural slate roof is a good option for you.

For hundreds of years, slate has been highly acclaimed, this tends to be due to its natural beauty and longevity, which is hard to be matched by other roofing materials. Whilst slate roofing can be pricey, it’s an investment which will stand the test of time for your home.

To help you decide whether a slate roof is the right choice for your roofing, here at Consolidated Roofing, we take a look at the advantages of late roofing for your property…

Aesthetic Appeal

One of the most attractive features of slate is its natural beauty, this is followed by its durability and longevity. Slate will enhance the look of any architectural style and is available in a variety of natural slate colours and textures. Slate’s colours include green, gray, black, purple, red and you can also choose a mixture of colours and textures.

Slate shingles are shaped by hand, this is to meet specific preferences as they can be created to a range of thicknesses and sizes. Regardless of it’s age, slate will also maintain is appearance.


When it comes to longevity, there’s no other roofing materials that are as long lasting. Slate roofs can easily last over 100 years, which is at least double of what other roofing materials can offer.
Some slate roofing manufacturers offer 100n year warranties on their slate roofing systems. For people who don’t plan to sell their home, the incredible longevity of slate is something most home owners will want.

Durability and low maintenance

As slate is a natural stone, it’s a lot more durable than man-made materials. High density of slate makes it waterproof and means it won’t absorb water, slate is completely non-combustible and can protect your home in the event of a fire.

Slate is also highly resistant to temperature fluctuations and weather change, so it’s great for areas prone to heavy rain, snow, sleet and wind.

Slate roofing is also unaffected by fungus and mould, these properties alone make a slate roof practically maintenance free, so you can rest assured you wont have to spend extra cash on expensive maintenance and repairs.

Adds value to your property

Installing a slate on a roof on a house will greatly increase its resale value, more over, slate’s permanence, durability and aesthetic appeal will make your home more attractive to prospective buyers should you ever decide to sell it.

Environmentally friendly

Slate’s longevity makes it an environmentally friendly roofing choice, roofing waster from a roof will get replaced every 10 to 20 years and will account for 5% of all construction water that fills up our shrinking landfill space. With a slate roof, you’ll not be contributing to this problem.

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