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5 Signs Of An Unhealthy Roof

Ensuring you have a roof over your head is one of the main priorities everyone has in life, but people don’t think about whether a roof is a good and healthy one? It isn’t something a lot of people think about, but our team of roofing contractors at Consolidated Roofing have put together this list of signs to look out for when determining whether a roof is healthy or not. We know that an unhealthy roof can occur on both a brand new property or an older house that was built a long time ago, knowing the signs makes it easy for our team to determine the issue and also how to go about fixing it.

Maintaining your roof is just as important as maintaining the rest of your home, if not more important because if the roof fails and becomes damaged you might find it can also cause structural damage to your property. We all know nobody wants that!

What Are The 5 Signs?

Building Materials

When you hire a builder or roofing specialist to carry out your roofing, whether it be on a new build or restoration project of an older house, you should always do your research prior. At Consolidated Roofing we take great pride in offering only the highest quality work, through our own work and also the materials we use for our roofing. Sadly, not all roofing contractors offer the same level of care and some have been found previously to be using damaged and defective shingles for your roof. This not only can be dangerous especially when not fitted correctly but it can also cause a dramatic reduction in the life expectancy of your roof. If you find out that your roof is damaged or defective you should get in touch with us as soon as possible, Consolidated Roofing is more than capable of helping you get your roof fixed and into the state it should be.

Water Damage

More often than not in the UK you have had to deal with a damp or water damaged roof, this is due to the excessive and continuous rain fall over the winter months begins to cause water damage. Consolidated Roofing has a team of roofing contractors who can help with this, whether the roof is damaged or just at the beginning of its journey to being unfixable. Water damage can cause a whole host of issues, such as; rotting, leaking, water spots and more. One of the first warning signs your roof has been compromised by water damage is large water spots down your walls, this means the water is coming in from the roof. At this point you will need our roofing contractors to come and help get your roof fixed to stop any more water damage occurring.

Moss Growth

Carrying on from water damage, another sign of this occurring within your roof is moss growth. One of the things we are graced with in the UK is a weather system which allows moss to grow and thrive, we have damp and warm periods of times especially in the spring and autumn. Moss grows on roofs across England because of this, as a host that loves to store water, moss can be detrimental for the health of your roof. It can cause severe structural damage. Our roofing contractors find that more often than not, moss growth can be fixed by jet washing it all away and inspecting the drainage system to ensure no standing water is left on the roof after rainfall, but occasionally a whole new roof will be needed.

Damaged Roof Tiles

We think that this one speaks for itself, damaged roof tiles are one of the most obvious issues which determine whether you have a healthy or unhealthy roof. More often than not damaged roof tiles are a product of either severe weather conditions or bad craftsmanship. Consolidated Roofing is able to offer a team of roofing contractors to help you with your roof if it is damaged. The roof tiles or panels are the first line of defence for your roof and keeping the inside of your home dry, if they break they need replacing. One or two cracked or broken tiles are manageable but many more than that and our roofing contractors would recommend a new roof, keeping it healthy is crucial for a long lifespan.

Sinking Roof

A roof without integrity is a major concern, Consolidated Roofing’s team of roofing Contractors are on hand to help you fix your sinking roof, this is a roofing issue which needs fixing as soon as possible from when it starts. If you have a roof that is beginning to buckle or sink then you need to contact us immediately. If this starts to happen to your roof, you run the risk of the structural integrity being compromised, roof beams and studs will snap and break, meaning your roof has no support. When a roof begins to weaken it cannot perform as it should and therefore won’t protect your home from the elements and water damage will more than likely happen. Roofs can be quite versatile when they are cared for and looked after, but when they are not they can become unhealthy very quickly.

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Consolidated Roofing has been on hand for a number of years now offering all of our clients roofing contractors who are second to none when it comes to skill and expertise. If you need any help with your roof, we are the people you should be contacting. We are more than happy to come to you and have a look at your roof and give it a health check. It is as important to us as it is to you to have a healthy roof, we want your home to be safe and protected from the elements. Get in touch with us today to find out more.



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