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How Does The Weather Affect My Roof?

Have you ever found yourself wondering what impact the weather has on your roof? We all know that it affects the front of our homes through the paint being dulled or dirty, or brickwork being damaged, but what about our roofs? The UK has a vast range of weather patterns and more frequently very sporadic in the sense one week it can be beautiful sunshine and the next week back in the minuses and snowing. Like with everything else when it is left to the elements, damage will occur, with roofs and roofing this is no different. Consolidated roofing are on hand to help offer some of our knowledge on how the weather affects roofs across the UK.

The good old British weather really does have a huge impact on our roofs here in the UK, we can help give you guidance on the best way to care for your roof and tips our roofers have learnt over the years.

How Does Cold Weather Affect Roofs?

We all know the UK has a range of weather patterns over the year, our team of roofing contractors have seen first hand the damage cold weather can have on roofs across the country, the constant battering of rain, wind, snow and ice can really take its toll. 


Constant rain pouring down on our roofs can cause damage to the structure and aesthetic, especially flat roofs. Our team of roofing contractors has seen some serious damage due to the rain over the years. When it comes to keeping your roof safe from rain, you need to ensure that it has plenty of drainage, having sitting water can cause a whole host of issues. Drainage can sometimes be overlooked by less experienced roofing contractors, but we understand that to keep your roof in a healthy condition, especially over the winter months, you need drainage that allows any standing water a path to follow, keeping your roof from becoming a waterlogged state.  


We all know it can look like a winter wonderland after a snowstorm in the UK and a row of houses covered in snow can look like something straight off a hallmark Christmas card, but did you know it is better for your roof to be kept clear of snow in the winter? Unlike rain, snow can be heavy and especially when it freezes overnight, it can cause weight issues. Especially for roofs that are not maintained. The best way to keep your roof safe in the snow, according to our roofing contractors, is to use a snow shovel to remove the snow. This needs to be done extremely carefully, tiles, slate or debris can be dislodged during the process – but it will keep your roof safe and maintained during the winter. 

Did You Know The Sun Can Affect Your Roof Too?

Although the UK can be extremely cold in the winter, it can warm up nicely in summer, with recent years offering temperatures of 30 degrees in some areas of the UK. When the weather turns and brings us sun, BBQs and more it isn’t often people think about their roofs and the effects it might be having. Our team of roofing contractors on the other hand notice the effects first hand. 


Believe it or not but the sun in the UK does get warm enough to do some damage to your roof, roofing contractors all over the country will see it, especially in the sun. In contrast to in the winter when the roof can get too soaked from the constant rain hammering down over weeks on end, during the summer they can become dry and brittle. This causes cracking, shrinkage and will weaken the structure of a wooden framed roof. Our team of roofing experts can advise on the best roofing coatings that can help keep your roof in the best condition possible over the summer.

Rapid Temperature Changes 

One of the main reasons for damaged roofs in the UK is rapid temperature changes and what we mean by this is when it is around 10 degrees during the day, but can plummet back to zero on a night. This drastic shift in temperature occurs most often in spring and autumn, the seasonal changes between summer and winter brings vastly changing temperatures. Changes such as this can cause roof membranes to expand and contract multiple times over a week and eventually this will leak to structural issues. The integrity of your roof may be compromised long before you notice it. More often than not this happens mostly with metals.

Don’t Forget The Weather Encourages Growth

Not only does the weather itself cause a direct impact on your roof, our roofing contractors see time and time again, roofs that have been left to endure the elements and in the spring moss and greener starts to pop up. Moss and mould can be damaging to your roof in the same way the elements can, wind, rain and heat are all the perfect growing conditions for moss. Taking advantage of the wind, the moss spores take flight, landing on the roof and embedding themselves into the cracks between the tiles or slate. Moss retains and holds onto water, when it grows on your roof, our roofing contractors have come to learn that not only is it damaging your roof as it spreads through weakening cement and bonds, but it can also cause dampness to set in. Neither of those things are ideal for a roof.

What Can You Do To Help Your Roof?

Roofing Contractors are on hand to help you with your roof, our team here at Consolidated Roofing have learnt all of the tips and tricks in the trade after seeing all possible issues with roofs over the years. Living in a country that offers a whole host of weather patterns over the years, we have learnt that roofs in the UK are always undergoing weather changes and continuous weather patterns that over time can cause serious damage. Using us as your roofing contractors means you can be confident your roof will be kept in good nick. Whether you need help and advise on how to remove snow in a safe manner, or whether you want us to come out to check your roof for appropriate drainage. Consolidated Roofing is on hand to help you look after your roof and our roofing contractors are able to fix any roof damages that have already occurred. Contact us to find out more, we are happy to answer any questions or queries you might have.

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