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Renovating Your Property

Renovating Your Property

Property Renovations

It’s great that you don’t have to buy heaps of building materials to build a house from foundations upwards, instead you can take an old existing one. Renovating an old property involves a lot of work, but it’s the best way to create your dream property without starting from scratch. If property renovation is something you’re considering, then we have a quick guide on things to contemplate.

Find and Asses your Project

Every property has some potential for renovation, the secret is to asses it’s design and financial potential before committing to a full-on renovation. Take the time to chat with agents, attend auctions, assess the structural condition of the house; invite a professional surveyor to step in, and keep yourself armed with a checklist of the most common problems found in old properties.


When you’ve found the property you wish to restore, you will need to distinguish between the house’s best assets and its worst. However you must bear in mind that certain hidden problems might only be presented once you begin work on the property.

Repair and Restore Existing Features

One of the main attractions of renovation projects is the charming original features they possess, but what if any of these attractions are in poor condition or missing altogether? In some extreme cases the cost of repair work doesn’t practically make sense and you may need to consider matching replacements.

Timber floors are much sought after and if the house you are renovating has the original floor in place, then you should consider restoring it. Other types of original flooring found in older properties include quarry tiles, flagstones and even brick—all can be restored.

Updating Heating and Electrics

Older houses are great for interiors but not the best for heating and electrical systems, don’t be surprised if that old house has no central heating at all. Underfloor heating is always a great feature but bear in mind that this does take a little more thought and planning than, say, installing a new fireplace.

Structural Changes

You have the right to add space or even change the use of the houses space with a basement or loft conversion. One of the most popular, least disruptive and cost-effective ways of adding another room to a house is to convert the existing loft. Much of the mess and disruption associated with other extensions can be contained with a loft conversion, with rubbish often going straight out through a waste shoot.

External Changes

A great external change to make to your home is the roof. Keeping your roof well maintained will ensure no leaks making sure it is insulated and in good condition. Even if your roof already has its original covering in place, it will be worthwhile attempting to repair any damage as opposed to replacing it. A new roof can also improve the structural integrity and safety of your home whilst you’re still living there. For more information, get in touch with Consolidated Roofing‘s team of roofing contractors today.

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